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86 inch TV LCD Frozen separator machine

86 inch TV LCD Frozen separator machine

86 inch TV LCD Frozen separator machine

86 inch TV LCD Frozen separator machine
Appearance overall size(MM)
2300 x 1800 x 1100
Actual size of frozen(MM)
2000 x 1500 x100
Working voltage/frequency
380V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ
Environmental mixed refrigerants
Cooling way
Watering Cooling
Environment temperature
Product net weight(kg)
Place of origin
ShenZhen, GuangDong, China
Standard export wooden case
Payment terms
Lead time
Within 35 days

Product Parameters

Product descriptionLarge-sized Frozen separator machine for 86-inch TV LCD refurbishment
Appearance overallsizeMM2300x1800x1100
Actual size of frozenMM2000x1500x100
Working voltage/frequency380V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ
Cooling performance-145℃ ~ -150
No-load Pre-Cooling time (H)≤3.5
RefrigerantEnvironmental mixed refrigerants
Cooling wayWater cooling
Environment temperature≤25
Product net weightkg750Kg
Place of originShenzhen, Guangdong, China
PackagingStandard export wooden case
Payment termsPAYPAL or T/T
Lead timeWithin 35 days
BrandLi Xiang Refrigeration
Warranty period12 Months

Product Features

According to the application requirements, our company customized a set of 86 inch large-sized TV LCD frozen separator for our premium customer. 

This machine is very suitable for 86 inch, 85 inch, 80 inch, 77 inch,75 inch, 65 inch, 60 inch, 55 inch and other smaller size TV LCD screens repair, recycling, refurbishment, rework, etc. 

This machine can be used not only in the field of large-sized planar TV LCD screen separation field, but also in the large-sized curved TV LCD screen separation field. 

The lowest temperature of the machine can reach up to -150 without using liquid Nitrogen as refrigerant. It can easily separate out TP, cover-panel, backlight, bracket, OCA, LOCA from the damaged large-sized TV LCD modules. No need to change the polarizer film.

Both OCA and LOCA full lamination process TV LCD screens can be easily separated by means of ultra low temperature freezing method, while the TV LCD screen with SCA full lamination process can hardly be separated even if put it into liquid Nitrogen.

High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. No components damage during the TV LCD module separating process. Unique leading technology. ODM $ OEM customization services are available for all users.                                                                               

Operation Procedures:

1. For serious crushed glass, please stick a tape on glass for safety and good for machine

2. Please make sure the operator wears gloves in case of danger.

3. Before using, it will take the machine around 5560 minutes to cool to the default working temperature.

4. Place the TV LCD screen in the frozen area. 

5. Freezing time from 30 minutes to 35 minutes depends on different full lamination processes TV LCD screens.

6. Separate out TV LCD screen with some auxiliary tools.

Below is the URL of youtube video link for your reference:


1.) It is much easier to separate out the bracket and other components after freezing processing. Please pay attention to the backlight water inlet.

2.) After separating the TV LCD screen, pay attention to the water treatment and temperature recovery.

3.) When separating the curved TV LCD screen, the separation risk caused by the temperature difference between 2 sides of the curved surface 

screen. Please pay more attention to this point.

4.) After TV LCD separation, please put the glue side upward to avoid sticking on the article surface after the temperature return to the normal.

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