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Application and maintenance method of LCD frozen separator machine

Application and maintenance method of LCD frozen separator machine


1. Make sure the machine frozen plate is clean without waterlogging

2. Switch on the machine power, the human-machine interface touch screen will get into the language selection mode

Input the set freezing temperature required for the LCD screen separation in the SV toolbar, and then click the “Start” key to start up the machine.

3. Place the LCD screen on the frozen plate after the machine reaches to the set temperature. The freezing time varies according to the LCD screen size, thickness and LCD lamination process glue types.

For single LCD module not exceeding 5.5 inches, the freezing time is usually about 45 seconds.

If fully lay out some LCD screens on the frozen plate, the corresponding freezing time is about 3minutes.

For single 10.0-inch LCD module, the freezing time is about 3~5 minutes.

4. During the freezing process, make sure that the LCD screen is in full contact with the frozen plate, and constantly pay attention to the LCD moduel deformation caused by the sharp thermal expansion and cold contraction during the freezing process, which will lead to insufficient contact between the LCD screen and the frozen plate, thus affecting the LCD screen separation effect. If the product deformation and warping appears during the freezing process, put a piece of non-cold absorbent lightweight material on the product and close the machine top door to clamp it.

5. Antifreeze gloves should be put on when carrying out the LCD screen separating operation, one is to avoid frostbite on hand skin, the other is to avoid sharp loss of cold capacity of the LCD screen, which will affect the LCD screen separation effect.

6. When starting the separation operation, hold the four corners of the LCD screen and gently twist it up and down to separate out  the liquid crystal from the cover glass.

If the LCD screen is thick and large and the liquid crystal can not be separated from the glass cover by means of torsion method, the relevant tool should be prepared in advance.

From a corner of the LCD screen, use the relevant professional tool to cut open a crack between the liquid crystal and glass cover,  and then quickly insert the relevant tool to separate out the liquid crystal and glass cover.

7. In order to ensure that the LCD screen is in full contact with the freezing plate, the frost on the frozen plate needs to be scraped clean after a few times separation operation.

8. Equipment application notices: The distance from the front and rear air outlet to the obstacle is not less than 50cm.

9. Clean up the dirt on the condenser in time.

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