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Food quick freezing machine

Food quick-freezing machine is a special unit, which is customized based on the cascade type                                                                                              

low temperature refrigeration principle, combined with the characteristics of food freezing process.

This kind of unit is widely used to quick-freeze aquatic products, such as tuna, lobster, large yellow

croaker, etc. It is also widely used to quick-freeze health-care foods, such as tricholoma matsutake,

truffle and other rare medicinal herbs.

Adopt cascade type ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit made by our company, the temperature

range of outputting liquid is -40~-80, the temperature range can be adjusted according to food

types. The main parts of the equipment adopt international famous quality components. Ensure the 

equipment runs steadily and efficiently. The power of the equipment can be adjusted automatically.

1.) Low temperature liquid freezing-slot: Made of quality SUS304 food grade stainless steel and PU

heat-insulation material. Cold-proof bridge is to be designed according to actual request of users.

2.) Products putting shelf: Made of quality SUS304 food grade stainless steel. Adopt block-based design 

with fully consideration about liquid circulation channel.

3.) Auxiliary Equipments: Including low temperature liquid circulation pump, liquid storage barrel, cooling 

towers and so on.

4.) Control System: Adopt industrial grade PLC automatic electrical control system.

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