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Indoor snowdrift machine

Indoor snowdrift machine can create real snowdrift effect under natural conditions. The performance of the indoor snowdrift machine                                     

is not affected by the weather and season variety throughout the year. High quality and large amount of artificial snow can be 

made by compressor refrigeration principle. Indoor snowdrift machine can make the artificial snow flutter like snowflakes in the air by

strong power air flow. Coupled with various colors of lighting, the natural color snowflakes can be metamorphosed into various colors 

snowflakes the consumer's desired. Whenthe flying snowflakes filled the entire space, the scene was spectacular and very romantic.

The indoor snowdrift machine is equipped with long-range wire-control switch, convenient for operation, very suitable for large-scale 

performances, parties, fun, viewing and so on. The indoor snowdrift machine we customized has such good characteristics as split 

design,small volume, ceiling installation, low noise, energy saving, high efficiency, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, 

rugged and durable, etc. Snowdrift area (within 50 Sq. M) can be adjustment according to the users’ demands.

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