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LXBX Series Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigerator

LXBX Series Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigerator


LXBX series ultra-low temperature refrigerator (temperature range:-18℃ to -185℃) is a high-tech product which was independently designed and developed by Lixang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Widely used in low-temperature environment required for pharmaceutical, food, electronics, automotive, military industrials and other relevant fields. In terms of the equipment configuration, adopt single compressor with natural cascade refrigerating cycle and non-azeotropic mixture refrigerant (100℅ Freon-free environmental-friendly green refrigerant). As for principal components of the equipment unit, adopt international famous brand products, such as high efficient compressors, Micro-computer control system, refrigeration accessories, etc.

The equipment unit has good performance, reliable quality, durable and other characteristics. Very easy to operate without any other peripheral equipment, no wearing parts, no consumables, environment-protective and security, low operation cost.

1. Equipment Unit Construction and Characteristics 

1.) As for the main compressors, adopt Bitzer(Germany), Copeland(USA), Danfoss (USA) and some other international famous brand semi-hermetically sealed refrigerating compressors or hermetically sealed scroll refrigerating compressors. Its have characteristic as good performance, high efficiency, low power consumption, etc.

2.) Adopt Siemens(Germany) programmable logic controller and various kinds of high accurate sensors and actuator with PID regulation and SSR output. Its have characteristic as fast auto tuning, digital display, convenient and accurate numerical reading. 

3.) As for other main refrigeration components, adopt Danfoss(USA), ALCO(USA), Merson(USA) and some other international famous brand products with advanced auto-control system. The operation requirement for 24 hours continuous freezing process can be realized easily.

2. Workroom and trial shelves are made of good quality stainless steel. The outer cases are made of good quality cold rolled steel. 

1.) The inner liner inside the case is made of corrosion-proof embossed Aluminum plate or stainless steel plate. The surfaces of the plates are very smooth and clean. It has good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

2.) Super-thick foam coating can effectively reduce the loss of cooling capacity, conserve energy, and extend the service life.

3.) Adopt top-open type single door or double doors (Size: over400mm), open expediently and flexibility.

4.) Adopt Micro-computer controller, digital temperature display, good-looking figure, useful. The temperature in the chamber can be adjusted and checked without opening the door.

5.) Vertical alarm system (with over-temperature alarm and system error alarm), which can ensure the goods safe storage in the case.

6.) To ensure the air-tightness of the case effectively, thermostable sealing strips and clamping device are to be installed among the door, workroom and outer case.

7.) To ensure high-low temperature trial case runs steady in low temperature, the original packing imported hermetically sealed refrigerating compressors are used for cooling system.

8.) As for secure and reliable operation measures, adopt over temperature protection and control circuit overload protection, short circuit protection.

3. Technical Parameters 

Temperature Range:-18℃~-185℃, Accuracy: ±0.2~2℃

About ultra-low temperature refrigerator:

1.) Adopt original packed imported high efficiency flexible piston refrigerating compressor, which makes the equipment runs more quiet, safe and reliable.

2.) Adopt original packed imported refrigeration components, smart controllers and 100﹪Freon-free environment-friendly green refrigerant.

3.) Equipped with high-low voltage protection, anti-phase and lack-phase protection, over-current protection, exhaust temperature protection and some other protection functions.

4.) Widely applied to instrument and apparatus, food processing, hospital, electronics, laboratory and other freezing and refrigerating industries.

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