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Quick-freezing Cold Storage

Quick-freezing Cold Storage


Shenzhen Li Xiang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, specilized in designing and manufacturing various kinds of large-sized, medium-sized and small-sized cold storage, freezing storage, quick-freezing storage, logistics cold storage, ultra-low temperature cold storage, constant temperature cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage, construction cold storage and other refrigeration equipments.

The cold storages are sorted into 6 categories (as shown below) according to the using temperature request.    

1.)  High-temperature cold storage: L grade, 5℃~-5, mainly used for storing fruit and vegetable, egg, drugs and so on.

2.)  Medium-temperature cold storage: D grade, 10℃~18, mainly used for storing aquatic products and some other products can be stored in this temperature range

3.)  Low-temperature cold storage: J grade, 23℃~-28, also called freezing storage, it can freeze the food by air-cooler or other special freezing device.

4.)  Ultra-low temperature cold storage: -30℃~-85, mainly used for freezing food, industry trial, medical and other special purposes

5.) Composite cold storage: mainly used for storing food after food cooled or frozen for a long or short time, it is sorted into cold room and freezing room as per different temperature of the food status. The temperature of the cold room usually remains 4℃~2, mainly used for storing fruit, vegetable, milk, egg and some other foods. The temperature of the freezing room usually remains -18℃~-25mainly used for storing aquatic products, meat and so on.

6.)  Quick-freezing storage: also called tunnel quick-freezing storage, mainly used for quick-freezing food.

1. For the refrigeration equipment, adopt Bitzer(Germany), Copeland(USA), Danfoss(USA) and some other international famous brand refrigerating compressors. Its have the characteristic as good performance, high efficiency, low power consumption, etc.

2. To ensure the refrigeration system security and reliable, more than 80refrigeration components, adopt Danfoss(USA), ALCO(USA), Merson(USA) and some other international famous brand products.


Our Company also provides the design of cold storage project, field installation, equipment production, repair and maintenance, technical support and some other services for the users. Any enquiry, Please write or cable for negotiation.

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