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The best equipment and method of LCD touch screen reworking

The best equipment and method of LCD touch screen reworking


With the increasing popularity of smart phones dominated by Apple and Samsung, the application account of the key component, capacitive LCD touch screen, is being increased larger and larger. However, some defect products, like air bubbles, black spots, white spots, misplacement, will inevitably be produced during the process of capacitive LCD touch screen production, SMT bonding. But the cost of capacitive LCD touch screens is higher, which makes the related enterprises have the requirements of reworking capacitive LCD touch screens.


At present, there are 3 kinds of methods (molybdenum wire cutting, liquid nitrogen freezing and refrigerator freezing) which are regularly used in capacitive LCD touch screen reworking industry.  


The efficiency of molybdenum wire cutting method is very low, and the damage to the cut parts is large, which leads to low yield rate of reworking products.


The degumming effect of liquid Nitrogen freezing method is good, but the consumption of liquid nitrogen is too large. The danger is also higher because the liquid Nitrogen can instantly reach up to -196℃ low temperature (ideal gasification temperature). If accidentally spattered on the workers' skin, it would immediately cause skin necrosis. Similarly, because the liquid Nitrogen sprayed on the touch screen glass surface and it instantly produced -196℃ low temperature, which will make the glass sharply shrink and burst, while the other parts of the LCD interior can not shrink because the other parts of the LCD have not felt the low temperature, which greatly increases the probability of glass burst and leads to a low yield rate of reworking products.


Although the temperature of refrigerator freezing method is not as low as liquid Nitrogen, but because its degumming principle is that the cold air in the chamber is exchanged cold and heat with the touch screen, the cold and heat exchange process is smooth and mild, and the LCD screen blasting phenomenon will not occur. Thus it greatly improves the yield rate of reworking products. It also does not have the potential harm like liquid Nitrogen, safe and reliable. It only needs electricity to run. The use-cost is low.


As described above, we know that the refrigerator freezing method is the best among the above three methods. Although the initial investment cost of the equipment (i.e.) required for refrigerator freezing method is higher than the equipments required for molybdenum wire cutting method and liquid nitrogen method. However, the refrigerator freezing equipment has been adopted by many touch-screen manufacturers and maintenance enterprises because of its high yield rate of reworking products, low use-cost, no danger and other excellent characteristics.


LXBX series touch screen rework refrigerator has a variety of temperature from -80℃ to -185℃ and a variety of volumes from 50L to 650L for users to choose from.


LXBX series touch-screen rework refrigerators cool the touch screen by means of cold and heat exchanging through cold air in the chamber with the touch screen, thus making the OCA glue and optical glue loses viscosity at low temperature to separate out the LCD from the touch screen module (that is the LCD screen is to be separated from the TP or cover plate), or to strip TP or cover plate from the touch screen module, and to recycle or renovate LCD or touch panel (touch panel).



LXBX series touch screen rework refrigerator has a variety of volumes from 50L to 650L for users to choose from.


LXBX series touch screen rework refrigerator has a variety of temperatures from -80℃ to -185℃, for users to choose from.


Performance characteristics


Inner tank material: stainless steel


Temperature control system: Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, temperature digital setting, digital display. 

The temperature controller has password locking function in case of mistuning by the irrelevant person.


Refrigeration system: Danfoss, ALCO and other international famous refrigeration accessories


Germany Bitzer, USA Copeland and other international famous high efficiency industrial compressors multiplex cascade refrigerating.


Secret formulation of Non-azeotropic Fluorine-free mixed refrigerant


The whole refrigeration system has stable performance and can be operated continuously 24 hours.


Heat dissipation mode: air cooling, large wind volume strong heat dissipation fan, obvious condensing effect.


Heat insulating material: 160mm thickness high pressure and high density foamed Polyamine Ester, effectively reduce the loss of cold capacity, multi-door seal off the cold capacity, the whole chamber has good temperature preservation.


Safety measures: grounding protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, high and low voltage protection, over temperature alarm.

Power supply:220V(380V)± 10%, 50HZ ± 5%.

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