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Tuna Freezer

Tuna is a kind of warm water migratory fish in the ocean. Its meat is tender and delicious, and its nutritional value is high.                               

Tuna market prospect is extremely broad. Because of the special quality of tuna, the freezing temperature of tuna is 

around -60 , and the temperature of long-term storage is -55 -70 . From tuna catch to retail, the perfect cold 

storage chain is a necessary condition for tuna industry development. A completed set of tuna freezer consists of 

refrigerating unit, pre-cooling room (-25), freezing room(-55-70), cold-storage room (-50-70). The tuna 

freezer we customized has such good characteristics as energy saving, high efficiency, stable refrigeration system, safe 

and reliable operation, etc. Our company can offer customers integration services which include tuna cold storage 

planning, engineering design, construction, onsite installation, cold storage equipment manufacture and maintenance, etc.

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