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Tuna, Salmon Aquatic Products Liquid Quick-freezing Freezer

Tuna, Salmon Aquatic Products Liquid Quick-freezing Freezer


1. Product description 


Aquatic products liquid quick-freezing freezer was developed by our company based on the cascade type low temperature refrigeration unit, combined with the characteristics of food freezing process. This kind of freezer is widely used to quick-freeze aquatic products, such as tuna, salmon, lobster, large yellow croaker, etc. And it also widely used to quick-freeze health-care food, tricholoma matsutake, for example.


2. Working principle


The working principle of aquatic products liquid quick-freezing freezer is to put the sea food products (which need to be packaged well first) directly into the pre-frozen low temperature liquid (usually adopt edible alcohol) and then quick-freeze.

The more detailed operation step:

1.) Make the temperature of freezing-liquid (in the low temperature heat-insulation slot) drop to -35℃~-80℃(the temperature can be adjusted according to food types). And then put the fresh sea foods (which need to be packaged well first) quickly into the low temperature heat-insulation slot (filled with pre-frozen low temperature freezing-liquid)

2.) In order to avoid ice-crystals being formed inside the foods and keep the cell membrane of foods from being damaged, make the foods quick-frozen in 2 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, keep the nutrient composition of foods from losing after thawing and keep the original flavor, taste and nutritional value of foods. The taste of food may be even better than fresh food after treating by this way.


3. Equipment Components


1.) Refrigeration Main-machine:


Adopt cascade type ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit made by our company, the temperature range of outputting liquid is -40℃~-80℃, the temperature range can be adjusted according to food types. The main parts of the equipment adopt international famous spare parts. Ensure the equipment runs steady and efficient. The power of the equipment can be adjusted automatically.


2.) Low temperature liquid freezing-slot: Made of quality SUS304 food grade stainless steel and PU heat-insulation material. Cold-proof bridge is to be designed according to actual request of users.


3.) Products putting shelf: Made of quality SUS304 food grade stainless steel. Adopt block-based design with fully consideration about liquid circulation channel.


4.) Auxiliary Equipments: Including low temperature liquid circulation pump, liquid storage barrel, cooling towers and so on.


5.) Control System: Adopt industrial grade PLC automatic electrical control system



4. Temperature Range and Freezing time


Temperature range: -35℃~-80℃


Freezing time: 10 minutes~40 minutes (the temperature and freezing time can be adjusted according to food types)


5. Freezing capacity: 100~2000Kg/H


6. Advantage as shown (compared with the traditional quick-freezing method)


1. Short freezing time, high efficiency, large product yield per unit time, suitable for food processing.


2. Long preservation time, ensure good quality, Keep food in good condition.


3. Low power consumption, little loss of refrigeration capacity, low operation cost, environment-protective and security.


4. Less investment, cost saving more than 30% compared with the traditional quick-freezing equipment.


5.  Safety and sanitation, quick-freezing in relatively low temperature, the bacteria can be killed greatly and stopped reproducing.


7. Application Field


Widely applied to sea food processing and other industrials, such as Tuna, salmon quick-frozen, lobster quick-frozen, large yellow croaker quick-frozen, tricholoma matsutake quick-frozen, etc.

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